Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things about Erin - 13 things I would like to accomplish this year (or at least before I die)

1. Find a job that pays a living wage so I only have to work 40 (or so) hours a week.

2. Get healthier (not just lose weight)

3. Pay off credit cards (or at least keep them at a controlable level)

4. Take a vacation (even just a short one, and not necessarily anything expensive or elaborate. Just a break from work and stress)

5. Learn to cook better/healthier meals.

6. Get out more and enjoy life.

7. Figure out computer programs (word/office/excel/etc)

8. Read my TBR pile ... without it continuing to grow to HOLY CRAP levels of uncontrolability like it is now LOL

9. Laugh more - I'm sad way too often.

10. Find a decent place to live. (this one better actually happen SOON as I just lost one of my jobs ~ the live in one that provides a roof over my head lol)

11. Save some money.

12. Meet new people/make friendships.

13. Avoid negative people and people who I feel negative around.

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Jaci Burton said...

Those are all great, and some rather urgent, goals. One at a time, darlin. You can do it!

Kate Davies said...

Good, positive goals, Erin! Go for it!

Anni said...

Awesome goals, Erin! Good luck getting a new place.

Bonita said...

{{{{{Erin}}}}}. I wish you lived closer to me!

Erin the Innocent said...

Me too Bonita :)

MissMuffin'sMuses said...

I love these things. I may copy it. Hope you don't mind. BTW, I found your blog the Sasha's Secret Thoughts.

Erin the Innocent said...

Feel free :) and howdy Miss muffin :)