Saturday, September 29, 2007

It isn't what it looks like ... I swear!

I was in a scavenger hunt today. I had a TON of fun! There were about a hundred things for us to look for/take pictures of - including the following.

I was having WAY too much fun while this was happening *g* The officer was a good sport. *s*

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I finished an unbelievable book last night

I can't even remember why I bought it. I'm sure sooner or later I would have looked for it in the library (it was an expensive book for my budget - $17 - worth every penny), but I saw someone blog about Broken by Megan Hart somewhere. I was intrigued enough to not want to wait until I could find it at the library.

Under the title Broken, in fine print it says "an erotic novel". It is so much more than just an erotic novel. It's a shame that many people will see those three words and shy away from reading it.

From the back cover
"THIS MONTH MY NAME IS MARY. My name is different every month - Brandy, Honey, Amy ... Sometimes Joe doesn't even bother to ask - but he never fails to arouse me with his body, his mouth, his touch, no matter what I'm called or where he picks me up. The sex is always amazing, always leaves me itching for more in those long weeks until I see him again.

My real name is Sadie, and once a month over lunch Joe tells me about his latest conquest. But what Joe doesn't know is that, in my mind, I'm the star of every X-rated one-night stand he has revealed to me, or that I'm practically obsessed with our imaginary sex life. I know it's wrong. I know my husband wouldn't understand. But I can't stop. Not yet."

You know, even from the back cover I probably wouldn't have normally paid this much for a book from a relatively unfamiliar (to me) author. The cover art is sexy, but no so sexy that I would feel uncomfortable reading the book in public (if that makes sense).

The book was so much more than what the back cover led me to believe. It touched me on a number of levels. Enough for me to still be thinking of it hours after I finished it, and to not want to start another book quite yet, because I don't want to let this story leave my mind. The story was incredibly written. The sex scenes were very hot (hence the word erotic under the title). The story though is what grabbed a hold of me. I felt emotionally involved with the characters. At one point I was going 'Oh my god nooooo' because I could sense stuff that was going to happen.

Simply said - the story touched me. I can only hope that the rest of Ms. Hart's stories are as incredible as this one. I may have found another auto buy (and keeper shelf) author. You can find more about Megan Hart here. You can buy Broken here.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Thursday 13 - 2 days early cause that's when I have time.

Thirteen things I know for sure ....

1 . Dakota is going to need medication after seeing zebra print and pink leopard print on the same blog. I'm surprised she hasn't said much to me about the header here *g*

2. I love my job right now :) I'm so lucky to be able to do what I'm doing.

3. I need to stop forgetting to bring my cell phone with me every day. I forgot it again today and it sure would have been handy. lol

4. I love children's books. :) I've been enjoying reading with my nieces.

5. There aren't enough hours in the day. I'm rushing like mad to get things done (it feels like)

6. There are too many hours in the day. LOL I'm SO tired!

7. Canadian Idol is a waste of time. I've been forced to tape the finale (which I don't care about because one of the finalists inspires a strange reaction in me. I see him and want to kick him or push him over. I have no idea why. It could be the Barney-esque smile on his face that I can't trust. Who knows.) for my parents who are on holiday. I haven't watched much of this season because it just seems like a no-talent, or at least a not much talent, show. This makes me a bit sad cause I used to watch it all the time. (you can all make fun now. At least I still have So You Think You Can Dance that I can watch!)

8. Rob Thomas makes me happy. I've watched the video for MB 20's newest song a zillion times. I can't wait until the CD release!

9. Old Sesame Street clips make me happy. I've introduced my nieces to what Sesame Street should be ... what it used to be like. :)

We have about 15 minutes a day where we watch clips, just before the little one's nap. It quiets them down.

10. Letting my niece 'read' me a story is about one of the best things on earth. What an imagination that kid has!

11. A new box of crayola crayons can fix a lot of problems.

12. Same goes with containers of play doh!.

13. I need to get my eye brows waxed but I'm in denial because the last time I did it the stupidhead who did it for me neglected to tell me about some vision issues that were going on with her. It wasn't the best job. I also know that when trying to recover from a bad eyebrow wax job, it's painful and it is slow going.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Rest in Peace

Luciano Pavarotti's voice made me shiver and smile. I love laying back with my eyes closed and listening to him sing when I need to find peace. He lost his battle with cancer early this morning (Thursday).

I think this performance at the Torin Winter Olympics in 2006 was his last professional performance. He'd already been diagnosed at this point in time. I could be wrong though.

Monday, September 03, 2007

August books

Wed and Wanton by Lacey Savage
Blood ties book 2: Possession by Jennifer Armintrout
Blood Ties by Daniel Kalla
Lover Revealed by JR Ward
Demon Rescuer by Racy Li
Fallen From Grace by Laura Leone
Grounds to Believe by Shelley Bates
Bit by the Bug by Michelle Pillow
Touch of Darkness by Christina Dodd
Beyond Reach by Karin Slaughter
Wild Roses by Deb Caletti
Night Rising by Chris Marie Green
Paint It Red by Carla Cassidy
Simon Says by Lori Foster
Blood Calls by Caridad Pineiro
Echo Park by Michael Connelly
Joe’s Miracle by Helen Conrad
Next To Die by Marliss Melton
Somebody’s Lover by Jasmine Haynes
Beg for Mercy by Toni Andrews
Make Me Believe by Shiloh Walker (e-book)
The Hunters: Byron and Kit by Shiloh Walker (e-book)

I read 21 books this month, bringing the total for the year up to 167.

I'm feeling all flustered and excited

twitterpated even *g* OHMYGOD OHMYGOD!!! Matchbox 20 is releasing a new CD soon :) YAY!!!

I *heart* Rob Thomas.