Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Is it June 30 yet?

That is one of the worst things about our school year up here. It goes on and on and on and on....until the end of June. There are still way too many days left to be counting down but.... I'm starting to develop a twitch and facial ticks (I think) *sigh*

Monday, April 24, 2006

Spring Break

Today was my first day back to my school job after spring break (which I enjoyed a LOT but not for reasons you may think) It was a nice change to only work one full time job *g* I didn't do a whole heck of a lot this past week, with the exception of the weekend.

I had an amazing weekend! I actually got out and socialized both Friday and Saturday nights! *gasp* That's almost unheard of *g*. I also have some maybe plans for a weekend away in June. It'll all depend on respite arrangements. Keep your fingers crossed!

I'm SO TIRED! The kids were mostly great. Dragging their butts a little but happy to be back (even if they don't admit it they missed us .... well me probably *lol*, or if nothing else they missed their friends).

Tomorrow is the first day of Therapeutic Riding lessons for 3 of the students I work with. I, along with another aide, will be taking them every Tuesday morning for 6 weeks. This is really great for the kids. They love the riding and there are amazing affects that result from it...physio, speech, OT, ability to focus. I will be having to get out the allergy meds though and double dose LOL I'm horribly allergic to horses and even though I won't be touching the horse, just being in the arena is asthma inducing. Still, it makes for a fairly easy morning for me *g* I get to sit and watch.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

I got to meet

Vivi Anna tonight! :) I went to a book signing for her new release Hell Kat. It was SO COOL to meet her :) I even got up the nerve to introduce myself (I'm shy....shaddap Jaynie) to her. I can't wait to read this book :) I'll let you all know about it when I do!

As an added bonus Sasha White was also there so I got to meet her too. (she is also fantastic! I really enjoyed talking to her)

It's been a good day *g*

Friday, April 21, 2006

Jaynie is NOT the boss of me!

She's almost goddess like...but she's still not the boss of me.

Last night Jaynie got tired of my whining about how much I suck at computers so she prettied up my blog *g* Didn't she do a great job? Jaynie rocks! (but again...still not the boss of me)

~Erin the Innocent

*I had to edit this after noticing she added something to my blog that wasn't requested *muttering under my breath* This is why she's only almost goddess like


Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Hokey Pokey - Shakespearean Style

The Hokey-Poke

The following is from the Washington Post Style Invitational contest that asked readers to submit "instructions" for something (anything), but written in the style of a famous person. The winning entry was The Hokey Pokey (as written by William Shakespeare).

O proud left foot, that ventures quick within
Then soon upon a backward journey lithe.
Anon, once more the gesture, then begin:
Command sinistral pedestal to writhe.
Commence thou then the fervid Hokey-Poke,
A mad gyration, hips in wanton swirl.
To spin! A wilde release from Heavens yoke.
Blessed dervish! Surely canst go, girl.
The Hoke, the poke -- banish now thy doubt
Verily, I say, 'tis what it's all about.
-- by "William Shakespeare"
Written by Jeff Brechlin, Potomac Falls, Maryland, and submitted by Katherine St. John.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

April TBR challenge

Aprils challenge was to read a book that has been in the TBR pile for at least 6 months. I'm not entirely why this book had been left unread for so long but I'm really really glad I finally got to it.

Cast in Shadow by Michelle Sagara is a story about a young girl who'd fled the streets 7 years ago knowing that something was after her. Children were being killed and all of them had the same markings on their skin that Kaylin had. Since leaving the streets, Kaylin has learned to read and fight and has acquired some powers, that other humans don't have, of her own. She's become a protector and has made a place for herself. Children are dying again and Kaylin is ordered back to the streets of Nightshade again, with a partner and a bracelet which contains her powers and is given the task to find the killer and stop the murders.

I imagine I initially picked up the book because I liked the title and kept the book in my hands because of the blurb on the back. The cover is alright. (nothing terribly exciting but alright)

I really enjoyed this story. Within the first few pages of the book I was able to immerse myself into the Nightshade world. I cared about what was happening in the story and found it difficult to pull myself away from the book when I had to do other stuff *s*

Cast in Shadow is the first of a series of at least 2 books with the second Cast in Courtlight coming this summer (according to the back of this book) I know I'll be looking for it! I also found out that Ms Sagara has published books under the names Michelle West and Michelle Sagara West. I'll be looking for those books soon :) As far as I know they're all science fiction or fantasy type stories.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I have nothing interesting to say

*s* PEER PRESSURE has forced me to create this blog. Well maybe not peer pressure but certainly the desire to comment on some blogs that only allow blogger comments. Did that sound as confusing to you as it did to me?

Anyways....howdy *s*

~Erin the Innocent