Saturday, April 22, 2006

I got to meet

Vivi Anna tonight! :) I went to a book signing for her new release Hell Kat. It was SO COOL to meet her :) I even got up the nerve to introduce myself (I'm shy....shaddap Jaynie) to her. I can't wait to read this book :) I'll let you all know about it when I do!

As an added bonus Sasha White was also there so I got to meet her too. (she is also fantastic! I really enjoyed talking to her)

It's been a good day *g*


Maura said...




Bonita said...

How wonderful! Did you get their autographs on their books?

Dakota Cassidy said...

Niiiiice :)

Dakota :)

Erin the Innocent said...

I didn't get an autograph from Sasha White as she was there for Vivi Anna too. (I didn't even think to ask. I didn't want to take away from Vivi's first booksigning). I told Sasha that I wanted to know when she had a signing though. She lives a few hours north of me but I'd try to go. She also said there was a chance of her MAYBE doing a signing some day down here *s*

Michelle said...

Sounds like you had a good time, Erin. Glad you enjoyed your evening.

Sam said...

Ha! I found Erin's Blog - it will never be the same.
Seriously - very nice graphics!
Love that Hell Kat cover - Soooo Cool!!

Erin the Innocent said...

Isn't it great *g*

and I should hope you found the blog! It's your fault that I even have one. I kept getting all pouty that I couldn't comment on your picture blog without a blogger name and what's the point of making up a blogger name if you're not going to use the blog LOL

Shari said...

hey... finally found my way over here. drop by mine sometime.