Wednesday, April 19, 2006

April TBR challenge

Aprils challenge was to read a book that has been in the TBR pile for at least 6 months. I'm not entirely why this book had been left unread for so long but I'm really really glad I finally got to it.

Cast in Shadow by Michelle Sagara is a story about a young girl who'd fled the streets 7 years ago knowing that something was after her. Children were being killed and all of them had the same markings on their skin that Kaylin had. Since leaving the streets, Kaylin has learned to read and fight and has acquired some powers, that other humans don't have, of her own. She's become a protector and has made a place for herself. Children are dying again and Kaylin is ordered back to the streets of Nightshade again, with a partner and a bracelet which contains her powers and is given the task to find the killer and stop the murders.

I imagine I initially picked up the book because I liked the title and kept the book in my hands because of the blurb on the back. The cover is alright. (nothing terribly exciting but alright)

I really enjoyed this story. Within the first few pages of the book I was able to immerse myself into the Nightshade world. I cared about what was happening in the story and found it difficult to pull myself away from the book when I had to do other stuff *s*

Cast in Shadow is the first of a series of at least 2 books with the second Cast in Courtlight coming this summer (according to the back of this book) I know I'll be looking for it! I also found out that Ms Sagara has published books under the names Michelle West and Michelle Sagara West. I'll be looking for those books soon :) As far as I know they're all science fiction or fantasy type stories.


AngieW said...

Welcome to blogging :)

I read this book last summer and really enjoyed it. I thought she did a fantastic job of keeping the pacing going while building the world and telling both the story and the backstory. Hard to do.

Erin the Innocent said...

Thanks :) It'll be interesting to see where she takes these characters in the next story.

Jaynie R said...

sounds good, now you just need to learn how to put pics up so i can see the cover *g*

Bonita said...

Hi, Erin, just popped over to see your blog. I personally like the Hokie Pokie! LOL

Michelle said...

hiya erin,

ya, what jaynie said ~grinz~
we want pictures

Anonymous said...

hi erin,

This book sounds interesting. I liked the hokey pokey blog.

Lee Anne