Monday, April 24, 2006

Spring Break

Today was my first day back to my school job after spring break (which I enjoyed a LOT but not for reasons you may think) It was a nice change to only work one full time job *g* I didn't do a whole heck of a lot this past week, with the exception of the weekend.

I had an amazing weekend! I actually got out and socialized both Friday and Saturday nights! *gasp* That's almost unheard of *g*. I also have some maybe plans for a weekend away in June. It'll all depend on respite arrangements. Keep your fingers crossed!

I'm SO TIRED! The kids were mostly great. Dragging their butts a little but happy to be back (even if they don't admit it they missed us .... well me probably *lol*, or if nothing else they missed their friends).

Tomorrow is the first day of Therapeutic Riding lessons for 3 of the students I work with. I, along with another aide, will be taking them every Tuesday morning for 6 weeks. This is really great for the kids. They love the riding and there are amazing affects that result from, speech, OT, ability to focus. I will be having to get out the allergy meds though and double dose LOL I'm horribly allergic to horses and even though I won't be touching the horse, just being in the arena is asthma inducing. Still, it makes for a fairly easy morning for me *g* I get to sit and watch.

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Bonita said...

What a wonderful opportunity for those children. I am so glad you are part of this program, even though you have to overcome your allergies to participate.