Monday, January 01, 2007

My December reading frenzy...

I'm looking at the list of books I read in December and WOW. *g* I need to get out more LOL

This month I read :

*Darkly Dreaming Dexter~Jeff Lindsay
*Passionate Thirst~Cameron Dean
*Devil's Kiss~Brenda Williamson (e-book)
*The Becoming~Jeanne C.Stein
*Without A Trace~ Colleen Coble
*Beyond A Doubt~Colleen Coble
*Greywalker~Cat Rickardson ***OH MY GOD! This one was one of my favourite books for the month. Ms. Richardson is definitely an author who I'll be watching out for!
*Luscious Craving~Cameron Dean
*Jacob - The Nightwalkers~Jacquelyn Frank (fantastic book! I can't wait for Gideon's story
*Without A Sound~Carla Cassidy
*Dead Man Rising~Lilith Saintcrow
*New Moon~Stephenie Meyer (I didn't enjoy this one as much as the first book but it was still a good read. If I remember correctly the ending pissed me off though *s*)
Midnight Blues~Lynn Viehl (FREE e-book )
*The Edge~JJ Massa (e-book)
*Surviving Demon Island~Jaci Burton (LOVED this one. The next book can't come fast enough for me)
*Sins of the Night~Sherrilyn Kenyon
*Eternal Hunter~Cameron Dean (last book in the series)
*Dearly Devoted Dexter~ Jeff Lindsay (another new to me this month author that I could become a fan girl over *s*)
*Haunting Olivia~Janelle Taylor
*Fire Maiden~Tina Gerow (why didn't I read this book sooner??? I've had it for a while)
*Dark Defender~Alexis Morgan
*Reason to Believe~Jessica Inclan
*Loup Garou~Mandy M Roth (e-book - If you like erotic romance (paranormal) and haven't read this then for crap sake why not??? Go get it! Now. I mean it!)
*Love of a Stranger~Anna Jeffrey
*You Kill Me~Alison Gaylin (only read the last half of this. It's been sitting on my shelf partly r ead for months now. It was good though. I think I just wasn't in the mood for it when I picked it up before)
*Full Moon Rising~Keri Arthur

I'm pretty sure I read a few others too that I forgot to write down and the titles are now gone from my head.

This list doesn't count the test reads I did this month :)

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CathieCaffey said...

Wow, you had a fab month of reading Erin. I remember doing a blog some where today to write some of my top reads and I know there were many but I was just drawing blanks! Maybe I should be writing down what I read.

I'm adding a few to my list, one being Cat Rickardson. They do sound like my kind of read recently, that you've read in the urban genre.

I like Carla Cassidy. I didn't realize she had a release til I saw that and looked it up!

I too hope to get Jaci Burton's book this weekend at Wally's World. I've been waiting so much for that release.

Some of thoes I got on my list to get as well as haivng some, s o I can get reading!