Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Why am I doing the Walk?

Initially it was a way for me to force myself to get active. There are so many health issues that arise for people who carry extra weight. Especially if they carry a LOT of extra weight. Breast Cancer is one of those things
"The risk triples for obesity with excess caloric and fat intake" ~Breast Cancer Society of Canada

By making the commitment to do this walk, asking other people to support me by giving donations I forced myself to do the preparation that's required for something like this. If it was just my money I'm pretty sure I'd find excuses to not do it. With other people involved though ... I have to do it.

Now even with all the preparation ... the training walks I've been doing I know this is going to be extremely difficult. Lets face it. I'm fat. I'm out of shape (but I have better endurance than I did 6 months ago *g*). I'm also determined. I WILL succeed. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have injuries. Bruises, sore muscles, blisters. Many women I've talked to who've done the walk also mentioned lost toe nails. (ICK!) I've got my fingers crossed that that doesn't happen.

I'm getting pretty close to my goal I set for myself. I want to go way past that goal though. *s* This is the first time I've really rocked at doing something I've set out to do though. I've always been fairly average at what I've accomplished. I've been that shy quiet girl in the corner at the party (on the rare occasion that I've gone to parties). Help me prove that I can do this. My goal is $3000.00 . Wouldn't it be cool if I got to $3,500 or something like that? CLICK HERE to make a donation.


Bonita said...

I love the video. Good luck with the last part of the fund-raiser.

Julie said...