Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thursday 13

Thirteen things I did today

1. Walked 7 kilometers.

2. Finished the book Last Look by Mariah Stewart.

3. Went out for lunch.

4. Went shopping with the mom.

5. Watched the So You Think You Can Dance results show (totally called it on the ones that got voted off the island or whatever you want to call it)

6. Acquired a new blister (to be friends with the blister I got yesterday).

7. Scanned a few baby pictures of me looking freakin' adorable. *g*

8. Bought the next book in Mariah Stewart's trilogy. (damn her for writing addictive trilogies!)

9. Debated colouring my hair a different colour when I get my hair done on Tuesday.

10.Watched a bunch of video's on YouTube. I'm completely addicted.

11.Pondered which book to start reading next. (btw I've completed 10 books so far this month and had 1 DNF book. YAY me!)

12.Listened to music (while on the computer *s* I love music. Right now the song is Smooth by Rob Thomas)

13.Remembered at the last minute to get a Thursday 13 up!

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Anne said...

Holy smokes, Erin! Ten books so far! you go girl!!! WOOT!

Bonita said...

Busy, busy, lady! I hope the lunch with your Mom was lovely. Get those blisters all healed so they will not get infected during your walk.