Monday, July 30, 2007

Winners of my final Fundraising Draw!

Sorry this is posted late!

The winners in my final fund raising draw are:

Jaynie R
Nina C
Lori S
and Pam K

I've sent this information out to you in an email too! Jaynie and Lori, I'll need to get your snail mail addresses. Nina and Pam, I'll let the authors of the books you've won know your email addresses so they can contact you about mailing out your prizes.

Congratulations ladies! I’ve drawn your names for my last 4 draws in my Weekend to End Breast Cancer fund raiser!
Nina, you’ve won the prize pack from Vivi Anna and Sasha White!
Jaynie, you’ve won the mystery prize pack from me, with a book from Sasha White!
Lori, you’ve won the Babe Pack, with books by Dakota Cassidy, Michelle Hoppe and Isabella Jordan!
Pam, you’ve won the books by Shiloh Walker!
Thanks again ladies. With your help, the Weekend to End Breast Cancer Calgary walk brought in 5.6 million dollars for cancer research and treatment! WOW!


Lori said...

Fantastic - thanks Erin!! Congratulations to all, but especially to you, Erin. You did a fabulous thing this weekend - both for yourself and for the fight against breast cancer. Woohooooo!!!!

Bonita said...

Congratulaions, Ladies!

Debbie said...

Everybody wins big!!!

Woohoo!! Way to go Erin!!

Terri said...