Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thirteen things I want

Yes this weeks Thursday 13 is completely about me. Some of the things I want may appear to be frivolous (and they are … kind of *s*) but they’re all things I’ve wished for. Do I expect to receive them? … Nope. Hopefully some of them but for now they’re wishes.

1. A tiara. Don’t you think that a tiara would help make a blah (or even worse than blah) day feel better?

2. I want the weight loss fairy to come visit me. I’ve been walking a zillion kilometres a week for the past few months and it doesn’t look like I’ve done a thing. It’s extremely frustrating. (and no it isn’t the muscle is heavier than fat theory people keep talking about. My clothes all fit the same.)

3. That mythical man. I’d really like to find someone who can see past all the physical stuff and see me instead. Sounds corny yes? I’ve always wanted a family. To be a wife or whatever and a mom. I’m not sure I even wish on this one that often anymore though.

4. A magical library in my house that automatically has the next book for me that will capture my imagination. (and I want it to have those sliding ladder things that I see in movies. How cool would that be? *g*)

5. I want a money tree (or to win the lottery). Or I’d at least I’d like to be able to earn enough money to be comfortable. To not worry about being able to pay all the bills. To not have to play the which bill wins the I get to be paid this month game. *s*

6. I want to travel. I want to see the world.

7. I want that Take Home Chef dude to cook for me.

8. I want the What Not To Wear dudes to come rescue my closet.

9. I want to find a fabulous apartment. (OY! I hate apartment hunting)

10. I want the packing/moving fairy to find me and move my crap to the fabulous apartment that I find.

11. Magic walking shoes that keep my feet from getting all swollen and sore and icky during my weekend to end breast cancer walk that happens in a little over a week (YIKES!) … OR I’d like a personal masseuse to come to the event with me and take care of all my needs *g* … Maybe I need both a personal masseuse AND magic walking shoes! How cool would that be? *G*

12. I want my car to be paid for. That would be easily done if I had the money tree mentioned in #5.

13. I want to be graceful. I’m SO clumsy. It’s frightening really. I want to be able to dance (and not fall on my head). Hell I want to be able to walk and not fall on my head!!! LOL Speaking of dancing ... and beauty ...

Danny is beautiful to watch. Every movement is graceful. (he's pretty hot too *g* I didn't have to try that hard to get over his youthfulness lol He's just beautiful to look at.)


amy said...

Fun list..Will you send the weight loss fairy to Atlanta when you are done?>

I Was Born2Cree8 said...

I am in total agreement with almost every one of these. I don't need or want an appartment, so I'd replace that with... I want everyone to get rid of the word verification thing. It's such a PITA! LOL. Great list!!

Happy T13

damozel said...

I definitely agree with 13; my husband says I am the klutziest person he has ever known, or ever expects to know.

I would like Chef Gordon Ramsay to fall madly in love with me and insist on spending the rest of his life cooking for us, content to adore me from afar. We'd take joint vacations with him and his wife, and he and I would flirt discreetly while our spouses rolled their eyes.

And the lottery, of course....

Bonita said...

I want 4, 5, 6 -- Love the idea of the slliding ladders in a home library -- LOL

May all 13 of your wishes come true.

Jeremy said...

if you find that money tree can I have a graft???

Sparky Duck said...

well tiaras can be found in Target for like $6. The rest of the fairys, you are on your own.

Erin the Innocent said...

"I would like Chef Gordon Ramsay to fall madly in love with me and insist on spending the rest of his life cooking for us, content to adore me from afar." ... I am in complete agreement! He could definitely cook for me as often as possible.

"well tiaras can be found in Target for like $6. The rest of the fairys, you are on your own." ... I want a REAL tiara though. Not a plastic one. *g*

Erin the Innocent said...

As for sharing the weight loss fairy ... if I didn't kill it with all the work then yes I'd send him to you amy *s*

Jeremy, If I find a money tree I'll share but you can't tell anyone *s*

Dakota Cassidy said...

I wholly agree with number 1. Nothing makes a girl feel better than a tiara. Snort.

As for Danny--just wait until you see the fox trot from them this week. he simply takes my breath away.

DC :)

Erin the Innocent said...

I did see the fox trot this week and I agree. He's breathtaking! I just couldn't find a video of it :)

shiloh walker said...

I want a weight loss fairy visit too.

Michelle B said...

Add me to the list of those getting a visit from the weight loss fairy! And I'm with you on 3 as well.

Ava Rose Johnson said...

I could really use a weight-loss fairy too.
And I'm very clumsy. I always manage to underestimate the size of doorframes and bump into them, lol