Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thursday 13

Someone actually sent me this in an email but I LOVE the thought of doing it *s*

Thirteen Steps to finding your GLAM

1. Drive to spa/hair stylist and get the full treatment

2. Go to chocolate store and buy something incredibly decadent

3. Buy a bottle of champagne/wine or other equally yum beverage that goes with chocolate.

4. Drive to that shoe store you never actually go into because everything is just too damn expensive and you couldn't afford anything anyways.

5. Enter the store!

6. Find spectacularly glamorous pair of shoes (something like these perhaps or these ). Purchase with nary a thought to price.

7. Drive back home.

8. Take shoes out of box and slowly slip onto feet.

9. Lay around in shoes, look at them adoringly, ponder the meaning of life, drink wine and eat chocolate.

10. Photograph self in said glam shoes.

11. Wrap shoes lovingly in tissue then place them carefully back in box.

12. Drive back to store, promptly return shoes.

13. Grieve loss but stop at nearest drug store on the way home to buy fake eyelashes

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Jaci Burton said...

bwahahahahahahaha! Now that's funny....but doable ;-)

Erin the Innocent said...

I'm seriously thinking of doing this! *g* I think it would be FUN *g*

Anni said...

Erin, this is a scream! I think we should all do it and report back. LOL

Kate Davies said...

Too fun! Thanks for the giggle. :)