Friday, December 29, 2006


My niece got their CD with this song on it for Christmas. So far this is the only song I've heard completely...bits and pieces of the other songs but OMG this song is fun *s*

I don't feel like dancing by Scissor Sisters
(only when you hear it you really feel like dancing LOL)


Michelle said...

ummm erin, babe, the song is really cute, but did they cut the other sisters out, cause i only counted on girl in the band. someone needs to take the scissor's away from them or they can't be sisters anymore.

Vikky said...

Ok, I liked the song and am off to search out the group. But a few questions, did that guy sound like a BeeGee or what? Where did the other sister go? And did you see the other guys cheeks? Something was growing out of them! Thanks for sharing!

Sam said...

Happy New Year!!!!!
This is very cute and does make you want to dance!
LOL about the missing sister!