Saturday, December 02, 2006

I've been on another reading frenzy this month!

A list of my November reads ....

*Dressed to Slay ~ Harper Allen (this one was meh...alright but it took me longer than it should have to read it)
*Dead End Dating ~ Kimberly Raye (DNF - I'll try again later)
*Fallen From Grace ~ Laura Leone (OH.MY.GOD. I loved this book)
*From the Dark ~ Michelle Hauf
*Hot In Here ~ Susan Lyons (2nd book in a series - read out of order *gasp*)
*Angels Fall ~ Nora Roberts
*Retrival ~ Jeanie London (quite enjoyed this - it was very different from what I've seen out there lately)
*Black Ice ~ Anne Stuart (another one read out of order ... I'm a rebel)
*Cold As Ice ~ Anne Stuart (read out of order)
*Like Dandilion Dust ~ Karen Kingsbury (must find more books by this author)
*Sword of Rhoswen ~ Brenda Williamson (e-book .... bought up the rest of her books at this publisher after reading ths one)
*Watchers in the Night ~ Jenna Black
*Songs of the Humpback Whale ~ Jodi Picoult (the only book by this author (so far) that I've not fallen in love with)
*The Memory Keeper's Daughter ~ Kim Edwards (another author I want to read more from)
*Wednesday Nights With Jamie ~ Daisy Dexter Dobbs (e-book - loved it)
*Home by Starlight ~ Jerri Corgiat (I think?)
*Good Girls Don't ~ Shiloh Walker (e-book ~ another keeper *s* I LURVE Shi's books)
*Before I Wake ~ Dee Henderson
*Whose Bride Is She Anyway? ~ Dakota Cassidy (e-book *note to self - must buy this in print)
*She's No Faerie Princess ~ Christine Warren (LOVED THIS ONE)
*Chill of Night ~ John Lutz
*Fire Dancer ~ Colleen Coble (or4dered backlist of books from the librarie *s*)
*Cemetary Dancer ~ K.Z. Snow (e-book - I can't WAIT until the next book in this series!)
*Hard Evidence ~ Pamela Clare
*After Hours ~ Jodi Lynn Copeland
*The Cop (anthology) ~ Sasha White (LOVED her story)/Alyssa Brooks/Renee Alexis)
*Darkfever ~ Karen Marie Moning (OMGOMGOMG I NEED the next story in this series NOW!!!)

So what have you been reading? *s*


Angela James said...

Funny, I just read Retrieval last night and wasn't impressed with it much. It was just okay for me, though the premise was definitly unique, the interaction between the characters fell flat for me.

Harper Allen's book I decided not to read after reading the first chapter.

And the next two books up for me are Darkfever and Watchers in the Night, lolol. So my weekend reading is mirroring this list just a bit ;)

Bonita said...

I envy you your reading time. Once upon a time I also had time to read, LOLLOL. I can not wait to read Darkfever.

Lori said...

How was the Memory Keeper's Daughter? I'm in an on-again-off-again book club that picked this for December. I'm trying to fdecide if I have enough time to read this by January 18th :)

Erin the Innocent said...

The Memory Keeper's Daughter was disturbing to me. The whole premise of the book is scary really. It was very well written (IMO) though and is definitely worth reading.