Sunday, December 10, 2006

More of my favourite Christmas songs

I'm in heaven *g* I LOVE love love holiday music AND now I am able to feed this addiction with another newer addiction of mine (if you haven't noticed yet)... Youtube ...

Who is able to name all the singers/bands in this video?


Dakota Cassidy said...

Tony Hadley
Boy George
George Michael
Paul Weller
Glen Gregory
Paul Young
Simon Lebon
Phil Collins on drums

That's all I can remember. LOL

DC :)

Isabella Jordan said...

Bob Geldof
Duran Duran
Paul Young
Culture Club
Wham/George Michael
Spandau Ballet
Kool and the Gang
Status Quo
Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Big Country

That's all for me.

Sam said...

I can't even begin. I love YouTube - I go catch Fawltey Towers episodes there, lol.

Michelle said...

well after seeing the list dakota and isy posted, i'm just going to admit i only knew three of them - boy george, sting and the guy from u2 ~grinz~

i enjoyed the song though, i've never heard it before.

Bonita said...

ummmmmmmmmm, not a one could I identify, but Dakota and Isy did very good! LOLLOL

Annalee Blysse said...

Been awhile! Cool to see the old video.

Emma Petersen said...

One word


I think I caught your addiction. I'm now on Youtube watching him perform Bloody Sunday live.