Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Thursday 13

THIRTEEN THINGS ERIN NEEDS (according to google)

1. Erin needs ... a drink (actually this one is pretty true *g*)

2. Erin needs ... to wear shirts (also very true. No one needs to see a shirtless Erin LOL)

3. Erin needs ... what most white girls crave - a c**k that measures in the double didgits (WOW I had no idea I needed that. I think it sounds painful.)

4. Erin needs ... to go to bed. (actually this one is true too LOL)

5. Erin needs ... a new hobby.

6. Erin needs ... an exorcism. (shaddap Jaynie)

7. Erin needs ... to be naked too. (didn't we cover this in the Erin needs to wear shirts entry?)

8. Erin needs ... a man or an attorney. (huh?)

9. Erin needs ... "My Auntie Erin DESPERATELY needs to raise more money for her giant walk!" (COOL! I googled myself!!!)

10. Erin needs ... to play fish tycoon. (huh??)

11. Erin needs ... to clean her room. (looking around for the spy camera)

12. Erin needs ... you more than ever now. (wow I sound desperate)

13. Erin needs ... money. (OMG How did they know???)

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Anonymous said...

Damn - she never lets me comment on the good stuff *g*


gabriella hewitt said...

ROFL!! I started reading, then had to read again, then stopped to go back again. I finally figured out this was stuff you googled. What a brillaint idea for a list. Amazing what all the Erins in the world need.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Erin the Innocent said...

LOL @ you thinking that I personally figured I needed all these things *g*

Erin the Innocent said...

lol Jaynie. It's good to start my day by stomping on someone's fun.

Bonita said...

Delightful! I have never "googled" myself -- I need to try.

Lauren Dane said...

#3 um, ouch.

Erin the Innocent said...

Hey I never said I thought I need #3 (I cringed when I read it LOL) This is the list google says I need. lol

Go to google and type in you name then needs. It's amazing what you find that you need