Saturday, May 19, 2007

Okay, yesterday wasn't all bad *s*

I had the day off work (YAY!)so I went to Miss S's swim lesson and watched her be
way too fearless for her Mommy's (and Auntie's) sanity.

I also had some quality play time with Miss E.

She's all about the giant baby kisses (very slobbery but cute), blowing kisses and saying mmmmaaaaa while blowing smoochies, and dancing (wiggling body with music - much more fun to do when Auntie Erin is holding her so she can stand and bounce legs too).

She's still not crawling. She's not at all about being on her knees when she has feet that are for standing. I think the kid is going to skip the crawling thing and go right to walking. LOL

When Miss E was having her nap, Mommy took advantage of me being there and
went grocery shopping with no kids. I stayed and played Dora the Explorer play-doh with Miss S.

The early part of the afternoon was way fun :)

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Bonita said...

Glad to know that a GOOD part of the day was fantastic.