Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Help!!! (shameless use of cute (but very sad) baby picture alert)

I'm so sad! My Auntie Erin DESPERATELY needs to raise more money for her giant walk! (click here to donate)The next draw date (where you have the chance to win THIRTEEN books!!!) is being moved to Thursday (instead of Wednesday). Please please PLEASE donate more money and be entered into the draw. I promise to smile real pretty for you if you do!


Julie said...

I hope you get lots of contributions and make your goal!

Sam said...

Ohhhh! That sweet baby!!!
I hope you get lots of contributions so that darling will stop crying!
Give her a hug from me!!

Bonita said...

Oh my, she is definitely helping Aunt Erin's cause! Even crying, she is absolutely precious. Good luck,raising the rest of the money to meet your goal.