Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Thursday 13

Thirteen things about my week

1. My cable crapped out on me soon after I finished last weeks Thursday 13 (crossing fingers it won't happen again) and didn't get fixed until late Monday evening.

2. I found out how pathetically I'm addicted to my electronic toys. At first it was oh well...I can't go online (cable internet) I'll just go watch TV... *sigh* Of course no cable means no channels for me to watch LOL.

3. I found out I am able to walk 20 km in one day (yes I did it on purpose *s*) and I'm still able to walk the next day (with only a few aches and 1 giant knot in my calf muscle I had to work out)

4. I can quite happily entertain myself with books and music. God help me if I'd lost my music as well as the cable though!

5. Did I mention I walked 20 km? *s* Thank goodness for good running shoes!

6. I thought up a few ideas for baskets/packages to use as draw items for my Weekend to End Breast Cancer fund raiser (to go along with the books). I'll post about those tomorrow *hopefully*

7. I was given an interesting, and very tempting, job proposition that I'm considering. (Instead of going back to the school in the new school year. Which ever school that may be. The school division SUCKS when it comes to staffing the paraprofessionals. In the past there have been way too many years I didn't find out about the next years placement until the last day of work before summer holidays)

8. TWENTY KILOMETRES!!!! (I boggle my mind *g*)

9. I think I just might make it through this school year. OH. MY. GOD! It's been a challenging one. I'm exhausted.

10. I bought Michael Bublé's new CD and I've really been enjoying it. Well most of it. Who ever told him the version he did of Wonderful tonight was good should be shot. *sigh* I love Clapton's version of that song and Michael's version SUCKS. Always On My Mind is a bit of a snoozer too. The rest of the cd is great though :) I wish I'd known there was an extra song on the online/downloadable version though. I would have bought it instead.

11. I've still got fingers crossed about another job I applied for (one different from the proposition mentioned earlier *s*)

12. 20 kilometres ... in one day! I need to do that again this coming weekend. It will be more difficult though if the weather is as it's forecast. The weather dude is predicting rain.

13. I found more yummy recipies I'm going to be trying on the BBQ :) I love BBQ season lol

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Mitchypoo said...

wow, 20K! Enjoy your summer and Happy TT!

Crimson Wife said...

Good luck with the job situation! I hope you find something that you enjoy :-)

Michelle M Pillow said...

No cable :o

You poor thing!!

Hi Erin!!

Raven Paranormal Blog said...

Hello Erin


Erin the Innocent said...

Hey there :)

Kimo & Sabi said...

We are esily amused by fev-ver toys and sparkly jingle balls.

Jaci Burton said...

wooo hooo on the 20km!!!

I love Michael Buble, but can't imagine anyone singing Wonderful tonight except Clapton *g*

And the new job prospect sounds good!

pjd said...

Congrats on the 20k. My wife and I walked the San Francisco Avon 3Day back in 2001, and Day Two was 26 miles. An unforgettable experience. You will have a wonderful time, and I wish you no blisters! :)

Happy TT!

Bonita said...

Erin, 20 K is wonderful! You have really been doing so great with this.

'Twas horrible not to have you on the groups when your mean cable went out.. :-(

I will keep my fingers crossed for you that the perfect job (with a fantastic salary) comes through for you.