Thursday, June 14, 2007

As the blogs turn ... a melodrama of the internet sort

While I do have to admit to being a little curious about a lot of the blog dramas and wars. I try to stay out of most of them for a few reasons.

The energy it takes to stay that pissed off for that long is just too much for me to waste on something so negative.

They get boring. Most of the time they appear to be about the same damn thing. Often repeated verbatim. (oooh impressive word, yes? *s*)

I just don't want people to think of me in the same way that I've found myself thinking of some of the respondants in these little melodramatic soap opera like moments.

So yes ... my blog is fluffy (except for the bits about the breast cancer walk). I often post youtube videos and other silly things just because they make me smile or feel good. Sometimes I'll rant ... usually about stuff that no one can really do anything about but it's better than talking to myself.

I figure as long as what I put up here helps me feel better and is hopefully not damaging others then life is good.

If I have an issue with someone I'll either sit and stew quietly to myself and maybe avoid them, or I'll have it out with them. It really depends on how much I care if I get to spend more time with that someone. If I don't care, I'll stew quietly and avoid. If I want to work things out I'll talk to them.

*rant over*


Bonita said...

I like "fluffy" blogs -- LOL, mine is probably even more "fluffy" than yours since it is dedicated to Alyssa and Alyssa only. There is nothing like pictures of babies to make a person smile. I totally agree with you about staying out of blog wars.

Bonita said...

Very interesting vehicle on your picture -- is this your new car? LOL Will you be changing your top picture frequently, now, or was this a one time occurence?

Erin the Innocent said...

I'll be changing the header until I find one that I like enough to keep LOL

I figured the babes would appreciate this though.

Jaynie R said...

There's always room for fluff babe.

Dakota Cassidy said...

Amen to the fluff. I say we fluffers fill the world to the brim with it.

DC :)

Anne said...

This is why I love your blog, Erin! I find myself coming here more than I go to other blogs I had once frequented multiple times a day because of the fact that it is the same thing over, and over, and over again... and it's getting annoying. And Lord knows if you say something against the masses, you'll be beaten to a pulp. So, I, like you, tend to keep my thoughts to myself more often than not even though there are so many points I'd like to make to the opposite of what is being said.

Your blog rocks, Erin! Woo hoo!

Kate said...

Hey, I do YouTube all the time. I'm not a snarky one online (though often stew in the snarkiness offline :-P). I'm very conscious of my online persona, and since yes, it does matter what I say and do online, I think about that each and every time I post something.

Not that I don't adore reading all the gossip on JaynieR's blog. :-P (PS JaynieR - "whine" not "whinge". *giggle*) I just don't contribute to it myself usually.

So keep up the fluff. You could call it fluffernuttin'. flufferYouTubin'? Erin Go Fluffin'? ;-)

Michelle said...

~smiles~ fluffy is good, babe and i love the header. i wonder where i can get me one of them?