Saturday, June 23, 2007

The post in which I taunt you about reading an ARC

I just finished reading Soul Song by Marjorie M. Liu. I received the ARC in the mail on Thursday.

I can not for the life of me remember where I applied/volunteered/whatever to read it but OMG Thank GOD I did!

Marjorie M. Liu has always on my To Be BOUGHT list but I stopped NEEDING to read her books as soon as I bought them after the second in this series. It wasn't that the second book was bad, I quite enjoyed it. It was just that there are so many other books that I NEEDED to read right away that the books kept lost in my mountain of TBR books.

The characterization in this book is phenomenal. The story grabbed a hold of my imagination and wouldn't let go. I'm almost sad that my adventure with Kitala and M'cal is over. The story was just that good.

I must now dig through my TBR mountain and find any and all other books that are in the Dirk and Steele series.

Anyways ... when this is released (July 2 I believe) go out and buy it. It's worth it!

oh yeah and ... Na Na Na Na Boo Boo I got to read this book early!

(mature, yes? *g*)

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Bonita said...

I think I have read something of her's in the past, maybe about a Tiger? I am not sure, but I now plan on checking her out. Thanks for the tip.