Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday 16 (since I didn't do a 13 on Thursday *s*)


1. My inability to say no to people smacked me upside the head when I committed to coordinating hair and make up for a play that the local theatre group is putting on in a month. I have no skills with hair or make up. My hair is wash and blow dry only … because my hair chick knows I’m a moron when it comes to styling. My make up consists of mascara and lip conditioner stuff … sometimes. Usually I forget the mascara part until I’m half way to work and it’s too late to worry about it. Oh. Dear. GOD! LOL

2. I’m starting to get used to the school I’m now working at. I moved from a middle school to a high school at the beginning of March. For 3 weeks I’ve been working 3 days in the special needs classroom and 2 days in the rest of the school where I’ve been working my ass off trying to keep ahead of the students in high school math. I haven’t done high school math in 20 years. I think I had some of them fooled into thinking I knew what I was doing *g*. We have a new student in the special needs classroom now though so that means more aide time. SO I’m going to be full time in that classroom now (yay!)

3. I’ve been reminded that high school students are BIGGER than middle school students and I must learn to dodge faster. I was smacked upside the side of my head for no apparent reason on Tuesday. (OUCH)

4. I now know I need to bring spare clothes/shoes to work with me. While doing one of the work experience jobs with some of the students my feet were SOAKED on Wednesday. Tons of snow on Monday and Tuesday made for tons of slush on Wednesday when the sun came out. I had meetings after work so couldn’t change my shoes/socks/pants until way late. I was very shivery.

5. I have noticed this week that I’m not tiring as quickly as I used to with the walking I’ve been doing  YAY!

6. I weighed myself and found that I’ve lost 10 pounds in the last six or so weeks  (YAY!!!)

7. I think I may have made some decisions about what I need to do for a second job … and I NEED a second job to make ends meet. I have been enjoying this last almost 2 months of only working 1 full time job. It’s been more than 4 years since I’ve only worked 1 full time job.

8. I won the chance to read Jaci Burton’s ARC for Wild, Wicked & Wanton and do a review on it! (YAY!!! Thanks Jaci  )

9. I have passed the $2,000 mark for my fundraising for my walk I’m doing in July  I had to raise at least that much to be able to even DO the walk.

10. I had the chance to test read for 2 authors this week! I will taunt about some specifics (which authors and which books) as soon as I’m allowed to (hehehe)

11. I read books by 3 new to me authors and 2 of them rocked the casbah. *s* The other one was good until the end and then it PISSED me off. Stupid endings make me grumpy!

12. I was able to spend time with all my nieces and my nephew this week.  The older 2 (niece and nephew) are brats and sassy. I will get them back when they least expect it (insert evil laugh). The younger 2 are cutie pies and adorable. I got some good snuggling time in with both of them. 

13. I was reminded again of my inability to say no to people when I said I would work a casino for a friend I worked with at the old school. She was having problems getting enough volunteers. When I said I would the weather was crappy. It was nice this weekend though so I really didn’t want to do it last night. It was a boring casino too. I sat around a lot.

14. There was a really hot security dude who was working at the casino though so at least I had eye candy *g*

15. I had time to read Jaci’s book last night while sitting from 5 pm to 2:30 am at the casino. (I’m a fast reader and the book was pretty damn awesome *s* Interesting to read in a public place though sometimes LOL. I’ll review in a couple of days)

16. I was reminded on Friday of how much of a klutz I am. I tripped while with some of my students and smashed my knee into the side walk. Embarassing yes? I'm such a dork. I got up and told myself to suck it up and kept going, limping a little for a block or so then putting it mostly out of my mind. When I was sitting at lunch though and rubbed my knee I knew something was whine worthy when I felt the knee of my jeans and it was stiff. Ick. Blood. My whole knee cap is now bruised and oozy. Nice huh?


Sasha White said...

You've done A lot!

And YAY On the weight loss. I know it ain't easy!!

Bonita said...

Wow, you have been busy! Fantastic about the 10 pounds, maybe more will come off as you continue the walking. Delighted that you are enjoying your new job. I hope something else come up soon for you that will dovetail with that job for your second income. Kiss the babies for me. Hugs.

Caffey said...

Congrats on the weight lost Erin! Ouch on the knee tho! Sounds like you had a great reading week!!

Dakota Cassidy said...

eye candy and a book--YAY you! LOL

DC :)

Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

Wow, Erin, #3 where you got smacked upside the head is downright scary! Things sure are different from when I was in high school. :-0

Ouch on the knee. Sounds nasty.

Congrats on both the walking and the weight loss. I've been walking too and while it's so damn hard to motivate myself, I feel SO much better after I've done it (more energy too!)