Thursday, September 07, 2006

Yes I'm still alive

....barely *s*

The first couple of weeks back to work at school have been kicking my ass. I'm hoping to find my groove (hopefully a bruiseless one) soon. Wish me luck!

So what's new with you? Tell me something good!


Bonita said...

LOL, Erin. I hope this year is better for you than last. I have been busy with the Library and Alyssa. She is quite a handful now that she is walking and meddling -- but so very precious and loving.

Julia Templeton said...


Thanks for entering my newsletter contest! Saw your blog link so thought I'd drop by.

I've been busy with home improvement projects...and finishing up a couple of book proposals.

Sounds like school has been challenging ;). Hang in there!!!!

Take care.

Erin the Innocent said...

Thanks Julia! Hopefully I'll be able to settle into a routine soon with school and it'll get a bit better :)

What kind of book proposals? I'll have to look through your site : )