Saturday, September 30, 2006

Septembers TBR challenge

The challenge for this month was to read either a category romance or a book that is part of a series.

I really REALLY really don't enjoy category romance books but I'm determined to do something for all the challenges Angie has thrown out to us *s*. I tried to read about 4 different ones from the library but they were impossible to finish. (they made me want to slam my head against the wall and gouge out my eyes they were so bad. I actaually shouted and talked out loud at the characters in the book when they were being stupid (I did this a lot LOL). No I can't remember the titles. I couldn't have been bothered to write them down I was so grumpy about them. I gladly gave them back to the library never to be taken out by me again.

I did manage to find a few that I did enjoy ... they weren't plain old romances though they had elements of suspense and/or paranormal themes in them.

Just Past Midnight by Amanda Stevens ... from the back cover "Stalked for years, Dr. Darian West has become an emotional recluse, a woman at the mercy of a skilled killer. Threats to her family have kept her silent, but every man who has become involved with Darian has paid the same fatal price. All but closed off from life, she lives a solitary existence until a chance meeting puts her next suitor in harm's way ...
Convinced his brother died at Darian's hands, Richard Berkley has vowed to avenge his death. He'll stop at nothing until he exposes the wealthy psychologist's deepest secrets...and her darkest fantasies. But as passion erupts, the killer lurks in the darkness, waiting until...Just Past strike."
This was an enjoyable story. It kept me engaged and I cared about the characters. The ending was a bit of a twist that I had only partly guessed. I like having a final a-ha moment at the end of a suspense so that was a good thing. I don't think I'll be keeping the book. It'll go to the library so someone else can enjoy it.

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