Monday, May 22, 2006

May TBR Challenge Completed!

The challenge this month was to either read a book from the TBR stack that had something to do with the military/law enforcement/something related to the law in any way OR a book that was originally an e-book. I tried to pick a book that was both (in a way).

** just a note - this was a difficult TBR challenge for me. I started a few different books that I just couldn't finish for a number of reasons. I was SO HAPPY when I remembered I had Gypsy Heart on my computer! (Well I was SO HAPPY when I remembered I had it AND that it completely captivated me as soon as I started reading it!)

The book I chose is called Gypsy Heart by Sasha White and you can buy it here .

Title: Gypsy Heart

Author: Sasha White

Year published: This copy was published this year. It was previously released with a different e-book publisher though. I'm not sure when that was.

Why did you get this book? I met Sasha at a book signing for another author (Vivi Anna) and REALLY enjoyed talking to her. She is such an outgoing person and immediately made me feel at ease (I'd promised to say hi to Vivi Anna even though I'm painfully shy offline and was quite nervous about doing it ... yes I know it's silly but I'm silly LOL) As soon as I could, after meeting her, I bought this story :)

Do you like the cover? YES! It's fantastic. Samhain has lucked out with cover artists for their books!

Did you enjoy the book? I loved it! I made the colossal mistake of starting to read this book at about 11pm about a week ago. I couldn't stop reading it! Sasha created a story that engaged me from the first sentence and made me not want to stop reading until I had no choice (the story was over lol)

Was the author new to you and would you read something by this author again? The author was new to me in that I'd never read any of her books. I'd seen her on the yahoo groups though and had talked to her a bit in them. I'll definitely be reading more by Sasha White. This is a great story.

Are you keeping it or passing it on? Well it's an e-book so I can't pass it on even if I wanted to lol It's definitely a keeper though and I'll probably end up buying the print version when it's released.

Anything else? The connection to law enforcement is this - The hero (Gage)is an environmental investigator for Alberta Environment.

If you are a person who loves a fantastic story with well developed characters, you'll really enjoy this book. You do need to keep in mind though that this book is an erotic romance. It contains explicit sex and graphic language. It's definitely not a 'sweet' romance.


Michelle B said...

I saw thought about adding this book to my TBB list when it first came out, but I wasn't sure. With my ever shrinking budget, I'm getting pickier!

Now I've added it to my list for sure. Thanks, Erin:)

Erin the Innocent said...

You're going to really enjoy it! :)

Lori said...

I really liked it too, Erin. I picked it up after I read Sasha's excerpt on the Samhain loop, and was really glad I did!

Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

What a nicely written review, Erin! That along with Sasha’s blurb really sparked my interest in Gypsy Heart. Sounds like a wonderful story.

Thanks so much for the blog link. I’ll have a reciprocal one for yours posted later today or tomorrow. :-D

Erin the Innocent said...

Ooooh cool! One of the funniest ladies I know commented here *g* I'm all wiggly with excitement!

Lyn Cash said...

great review, Erin!

Sam said...

That was a great review - made me want to go buy the book (see, the mark of a great reviewer!) lol!