Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Thirteen Random Things Inside My Head

1. I am cold

2. but I just got my power bill so I think I'll layer rather than turn the heat up. Dammit.

3. I want to decorate for the holidays soon.

4. I have to wait for a pay cheque (or a reimbursement cheque from the make up I bought for Seussical) before I can decorate.

5. I need a new computer chair.

6. I want a snack.

7. but there is nothing interesting here to snack on.

8. I want the home improvement show people to come fix my apartment only I don't want it to be filmed because OY whatta mess.

9. I've been listening to Stuart Mclean on CD. I want to see him in concert (if that's what you call it. He's a story teller/comedian type person. He makes me smile)

10. Does anyone know how to get kids to stop sucking their thumb?

11. Also, the baby (16 month old) is randomly biting. Often when she's snuggling in. OUCH. What the HELL???

12. I'm still wanting a snack. *sigh*

13. I'm still cold.

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damozel said...

This is one of those posts that makes me very happy that I live in Florida!

Leah said...

That's what socks and thick sweaters are for. I've put a nice comfy office chair in my Christmas list too.

Better get those decorations out soon. 3 weeks to go.

SJ Reidhead said...

Random is good.

The Pink Flamingo

Nicholas said...

I was going to leave a comment but all of a sudden I have an urge to go fix myself a snack!

Julie said...

I just had a snack. ;-0
We're decorating for Christmas tomorrow night.
I don't know how to stop thumb sucking or biting. In my family if you bit someone you got bit back. That was supposed to discourage it.
I keep hoping that home improvement guy will come here and fix our house so we have some room in the kitchen, bathroom and my room.

Good list Erin!

Yuriko said...

Cute things in your head :) I also love the goldfish :)

Kate Davies said...

#6 and #7 are frequently pinging around in my brain. Like right now.

Dang, why don't I have anything good to eat around here?

Happy TT!

Journeywoman said...

I agree with #8,

Thanks for stopping by.

Secret Agent Mama said...

Hope you warm up soon!

Mine's Up Here!

Country Dawn said...

I have TWO thumbsuckers... if you get any good advice, let me know! So far kindergarten is helping... good old peer pressure! :x

I'm doing 13 Television Mysteries this week!

Samantha_K said...

aha! We have the same topic this week!
And now I too, want a snack, lol.
Happy Thursday!

Natalie said...

I don't know on that thumb sucking thing. I'm in a power struggle with my toddler trying to get her to give up her pacifier. Gah!

My Thursday Thirteen is up too! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sitting here with a blanket over my shoulders, wishing all the windows in teh house could be replaced by magic. *poof*!
My daughter bit too as a toddler. One day I got fed up and bit her back - hard. Probably all the child rearing books in the world will say that's not right, but she stopped.
As for thumb sucking - I never had that problem - I gave my kids pacifiers and took them away when they started college. I mean kindergarten. LOL
My sister in law bought a bitter nail lotion she put on her daughter's thumb. It seemed to work.