Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Thursday 13

Thirteen things I do (or I plan to do) with my 4 year old niece when her little sister has nap time in the afternoon.

1. Crafts - paining, colouring, stickers, anything that we can't do without being interrupted by a 1 year old when the little one is awake. Serious one on one craft time!

2. Homework - No I'm not that mean. She's only 4 for goodness sake. She just calls it that. She likes to practice printing and her numbers.

3. Cards - She's learning how to play go fish and games like that.

4. Paper Dolls - She's all about making the clothes for them and dressing them up.

5. Clean up time - the child is a neat freak. It drives her crazy when her sister plays with the toys after she's arranged them. If she cleans at nap time she has a whole hour - hour and a half of non messed time. Weird.

6. Games - board games like Sorry, Candyland and Snakes and Ladders

7. Cooking - we'll put together stuff for supper. Veggies and casseroles and stuff.

8. Baking - She loves helping in the kitchen.

9. Computer games

10. Movies - Her favourite movie right now is Annie.

11. Dress up time - She loves to dress up. At least once a day she's a princess.

12. Play hair dresser - So far I've managed to successfully ban any picture taking after she's 'styled' my hair. LOL

13. Read - She loves to be read to. She loves to make up stories. :)

Her little sister's nap time is a fun time for both of us!

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Sam said...

She sounds like a delight!
My daughter was a neat freak too - as a toddler she'd go around picking up all her toys. It didn't last long, lol.