Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thursday 13 - Wild, Wicked & Wanton

Jaci Burton ran a contest on her blog and I won a chance to read and review the ARC for her soon to be released book Wild, Wicked & Wanton.

Three friends…three secret desires…three chances to make it all come true.

They’re inseparable best friends who delight in sharing their wildest secrets and dares. But their latest bet is the boldest one of all: each must sleep with whomever the other two have chosen for her. And come back with every juicy detail…


Abby married the town bad boy. And he lived up to his reputation, bedding any woman who let her guard down. She swore off men for good, but never counted on a pair of sexy veterinarians who are fulfilling a desire of their own.


Blair is the town heartbreaker. Afraid to commit, she’s broken off three engagements. Yet there’s one man she never had the courage to bed. The one man she really loved. But now, the decision is out her hands.


Callie is the sensible one….but beneath it all she’s a true romantic, with the broken heart to prove it. Now her long-dormant fantasies may be getting a workout. A new man enters her life and everything about him is irresistible.

13 things about Wild, Wicked and Wanton by
Jaci Burton

1. The cover art. WOW! I love it *s*

2. OH MY GOD .... HOT! The book starts off with a bang!

3. I printed a copy of the book and brought it with me to read while working a casino fund raiser. When I work those things I tend to have a lot of time on my hands. I'd just like to say this was NOT a smart idea. *g* YOWZA! I wouldn't recommend reading this in a crowded busy room. *g* Especially if you blush easily (as I do *LOL*)

3. The character building in Wild is amazing. The relationship between Abby and BOTH of the men involved with her was fabulous. (oooh la la!)

4. I also loved the ... how do I say this without giving away too much? *g* I loved the interactions between her and people from her past. I also loved the way the story was made more believable with some of the decisions and choices she had to make along the way.

5. Wicked is Blair's story. Again this is a seriously HOT story. If you like stories with a BDSM theme to them you'll probably really enjoy this one.

6. I didn't enjoy Wicked as much as I enjoyed the the other 2 though. I don't think there was anything bad about the story. It just wasn't my cuppa tea.

7. I do know some people who will love this one though and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to them *s*

8. I think I enjoyed the characters in Wanton (the 3rd story) the most out of all the stories. I thought this was the sexiest of all the stories. Callie and Jack are characters that I think were the most real to me. They seemed like people I'd enjoy being around.

9. The transition between stories really worked well for me. The stories were written so each one flowed smoothly into the next.

10.One of the things that brought me out of the story each time I read it was the lack of condom use. In contemporary erotic romances, it makes me a bit crazy when this happens. These women are all initiating what is intended to be one weekend of acting out a secret desire. It would make sense that they'd use condoms since none of them were in a relationship with their men before the dare.

11.The stories were fun! They grabbed my attention and made me want to keep reading to find out what happened next. It was easy for me to visualize what I was reading. (too easy to visualize it *g* Like I said earlier. I wouldn't advise reading it in public LOL)

12.The other thing that kind of made me gigglesnort (classy hmmm?) and brought me out of the book (I believe it was in the first story) a bit was the monster cock. (It even had Monster in the nick name). First I giggled then I thought 'Ouch!'.

13.I am DEFINITELY going to be buying this when it's released (May 1). Yes I know I have it but the ARC doesn't have that new book smell or the shiny cover art. *g* It's a book for the keeper shelf.

Thank you so much Jaci! It's a book that left me smiling at the end.

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ohhh sounds good !! Can't wait to read it.