Saturday, July 15, 2006

I'm back!!!

and I had a fan-freaking-tastic time! I have to say I won't miss the smell (New York City in the summer time is rancid by the end of the day....all those bags of garbage just sitting there stinking up the place) but I know I'll miss everything else.

The sheer number of people there was almost overwhelming at times! The energy level is set at frenzy from the moment you step out of the hotel until the moment you get back. You have to not hate being in crowds to be able to cope in New York. I don't think I could live there ... I definitely want to go back again for another visit though. :)

We did so many things there! Plays, museums, a sight seeing harbour cruise, the Empire State Building, Times Square, Shopping...and the list goes on :)

For this blog I'm gonna tell you about the plays. In the week I was there I saw 5 plays and did the Today Show taping (was kinda dragged there but it was still cool).

On Saturday night we went to The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee THIS is a fantastic show! It's a musical about .... you guessed it .... a spelling bee *g*. It's a hard one to describe (I know you're thinking how can a musical about a spelling bee be all that entertaining *g*) but it's a definite must see.

On Sunday night we went to Avenue Q. Two words..... Puppet Porn *g* You have to see it to believe it *snort*

Monday night was an early night for us as we had to get up at dark o'clock in the morning to get to the taping of the Today Show the next morning. I think there might have been a glimpse of the sign my sister made showing at the beginning of the show but nothing after that of us in the audience (tall people were in front of us .... *muttering about damn tall people*).

Tuesday brought us to the show Drumstruck. If you love interactive experiences and you love music you will love this show. It's a South African drumming and singing group that goes for 1 1/2 hours drawing the audience into their music. You enter the auditorium and there is a 2 foot tall drum on every single seat. The half hour or so that you're there pre-show is absolute madness with almost everyone pounding on the drums with no skill whatsoever *g*. As soon as the show starts though it's like magic. The audience plays the drums (and yes it sounds fantastic *g* that's the magic part LOL) through the whole hour and a half.

Wednesday night was The Lion King. This show is jaw dropping, breath taking magic. I'd see it again in a heartbeat.

On Thursday night I went to see Spamalot. If you're a fan of Monty Python this show is a must see for you.

I lucked out this last week and saw only shows that I LOVED. I'd go back to any of them again with no hesitation. I don't even think I can pick a favourite. They were all so different from each other. It was an amazing week :)



Isabella Jordan said...

I loved the Lion King. I've seen it twice there. LOL I'd love to see Spamalot. Sounds like you had a great time. We missed you!

Bonita said...

Your trip sounds fabulous! What a diverse selection of shows. I am so delighted that you had a wonderful time.

Jenna Leigh said...

This sounds wonderful, Erin! You tell it so well too! Glad you made it back!!

Jaci Burton said...

Oh wow! All the shows! I'm so jealous. Sounds like you had an absolute blast :)

Michelle B said...

Wow, you really had a great trip! I'm not all the fond of NYC because of the crowds like you said. And I hate being surrounded by all the tall buildings.

Sounds like some great shows though! I'll have to check them out.

Shiloh Walker said...

we paid an arm and a leg for tickets to the Lion King. Four of them, when it came to Louisville and we wanted goooood seats, so the kids wouldn't miss anything.

It was worth every single penny.